About Us

Due to the Covid lockdown: starting Monday, December 28, 2020 if you wish to come and see us you will have to make an appointment. No exceptions. Please follow the link below to make an appointment. If you have any trouble making an appointment online, please give us a call!

To make an appointment: https://atfmgrqcmqvekvuqpv.10to8.comhttps://atfmgrqcmqvekvuqpv.10to8.comhttps://atfmgrqcmqvekvuqpv.10to8.com

M. R. Jutzi & Co
5100 Fountain St. N.
Breslau, Ontario
N0B 1M0

Phone: 519 648-2111
Fax: 519 648-3163
Email: info@mrjutzi.ca
Calvin: calvin@mrjutzi.ca

Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mrjutziauctions

To bid online:http://mrjutzi.hibid.com/auctions